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Our Company History

Spectrum Batteries, Inc. is a privately owned company. Founders and co-owners  are James E. Dutchak and Linda L. Dutchak. We were the FIRST independent value added remarketer of lithium technology batteries in the world. The market for battery operated down hole tools was in its infancy. Jim Dutchak assisted the cell manufacturers in the development of cell technology for this new market.

◊ December 1989 commence operations as Spectrum Data Products, Inc. in Calgary, Alberta Canada marketing and fabricating batteries for use in down hole oil field applications.   

◊ July 1992 a new company, Spectrum Batteries Inc., was incorporated in Texas and began operation in Katy, Texas.

◊ 1993 the Canadian company changed it’s name to Spectrum Batteries Inc.

◊ October 1992 Spectrum Batteries (USA) rented a facility in Katy, Texas and operated there until July 1996 when we moved to Fulshear, TX.


Our Business Philosophy

Our mission is to provide our customers a safe, dependable product that can be relied on to perform as expected and required in the rigorous environment it is subjected to. The safety of our staff, our freight carriers, our customers, and all who come in contact with our product is our primary concern.

Our Employees


Managing Director and Founder: James E. Dutchak ( Nov 1933 - Dec 2011) 

Jim founded the company in 1988 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when he discovered a need in the oilfield services industry for an independent battery pack/module fabricator.  Jim worked in the oil field supply business in technical and management postions for 40 years before forming SBI.   Prior to Spectrum Batteries there was no independent battery business catering to the developing market in the miniaturization and computerization of down hole oilfield tools. Jim's goal was to offer battery users a choice of all available cells on the market without being biased towards one cell manufacturer or another. Jim's knowledge of oilfield instrumentation enabled him to suggest to customers the best solution for their battery pack/module needs.

Those who knew Jim aprpreciated his business wisdom. Click here to see those business insights.


 Linda L. Dutchak - VP Finance and Co-Owner 

Linda Dutchak holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing and management from the University of Calgary. She has an extensive background in the Insurance Industry and holds the AIIC designation.

Linda oversees the adminstrative aspect of our operations.




Sandy Dutchak - Manager Operations

Sandy Dutchak is our Manager of Operations. Sandy has been with Spectrum Batteries since 1992. He is responsible for overall day to day operations, and design / CAD work. Sandy holds a Diploma in Environmental Technology from Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta. He is totally cognisant of all current shipping and hazmat regulations surrounding lithium cells. SBI rigidly adheres to all Government Regulations in these areas.

Sandy and his staff design and fabricate battery pack/modules to either Sandy's drawings or the customers specifications.  During his career, Sandy has held the positions of Pack Assembler, Manager of Canadian Operations, Design Engineer, and Technical Sales and Production Manager.  Sandy's extensive experience in the design/fabrication of battery pack/modules and management give him the tools necessary to take Spectrum to the next level.


Technical Sales: Brian Murphy began his career at SBI in 2002 in our fabrication facility.  He still is very happy to assist in this area when the need arises.  Brian was promoted to sales in 2003.  His educational background and hands on experience in the lab enables him to respond to customer inquires in a knowledgeable, professional manner.  Brian has the technical expertise to assist customers in the design of battery modules for their particular application.

Brian holds an Associate in Arts from Wharton County Junior College and attended Texas A&M in College Station. His concentration was business administration at both facilities.


Customer Service: Joanne Borden. Joanne began her career at SBI as an Assembler in 1999. Joanne was promoted to Shipper shortly thereafter, and in 2002 added Customer Service and Inside Sales to her responsibilities.

Joanne is totally familiar with all aspects of customer service and shipping. She is a Certified Hazardous Materials shipper in full compliance with Hazardous Materials Regulations, Including US 49 CFR an IATA Dangerous Good Regulations.

You are assured of receiving superior assistance from Joanne.


Office Manager - Yolande Gouws
is the newest member of our team. Her responsibilies include Materials Management, accounts receivable and payable, human resources, and all aspects of adminstration.



Spectrum Batteries, Inc.* 6910 Sprigg Rd. * Fulshear * TX * 77441

PH: 281.533.9596 TOLL FREE: 877.533.9596

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