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Batteries................Custom Design and Fabrication for Downhole Oilfield Applications

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Spectrum Batteries carries a complete inventory from the WORLD'S LEADING suppliers of lithium, alkaline and other cells that are suitable chemistries for use in downhole applications.  Because we can present all cell options available on the market, we are in a position to best satisfy our customer's requirements.

When proposing a battery design, Spectrum Batteries will offer batteries with different cell options.  Because each cell may contain different characteristics, we urge you to study our entire website and the sites of our suppliers in order to determine which cell is best suited for your application.  We make recommendations based on our knowledge of the cells and your application. Often it is the customer who is most qualified to make the decision. We encourage our customers to be as knowledgeable as possible when choosing cells for their applications.

Knowledge is Power

Our Customer Family

Spectrum Batteries has designs in place for over 200 original equipment manufacturers. We welcome business from old friends and new.


Each of our battery packs carries two labels. Together they give our customers all the information required for safe handling of the product.


Disposal of Used Lithium Batteries

1. Spectrum Batteries recommends Retriev Technologies., lithium battery recyclers, for proper disposal of used lithium batteries. You can contact Retriev directly for disposal, or arrangements can be made through Spectrum Batteries. Contact us for details.


2. Simply the easiest way to deal with disposal is the Big Green Box.

The Big Green Box is an international program that offers to companies, consumers, municipalities and other generators a low cost and easy way to provide electronics and battery recycling for themselves as well as their customers. Once The Big Green Box is purchased all shipping, handling and disposal fees are included. The Big Green Box includes a United Nations approved transportation container, pre-paid shipping to our recycling facility and all battery recycling fees. With The Big Green Box it is no longer necessary to pay large fees to waste management companies, nor fill out complicated paperwork, just to manage your hazardous materials.



One of the most complex and important characteristic of lithium batteries is the effect of passivation.  For more on this, go to our Passivation Information section.

Battery packs or cells that are passivated must be depassivated prior to useage. Follow the link to depassivation procedures.

Part Numbers

Our part numbers are user friendly. Jim Dutchak designed this meaningful part number so everybody who handles the battery pack/module can readily understand what he/she is dealing with.  The part number is designed with everyone's safety in mind.

Part Number Explanation

Temperature Conversion Chart

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