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Spectrum Batteries, Inc. designs and fabricates battery packs / modules for use in hostile downhole oilfield environments.

We purchase cells, connectors, and materials from our vendors.

The cell manufacturers’ warrant and limit their liability to replacement of the cell(s) only if there is a fault or defect in the manufacturer of the cell(s).

Spectrum Batteries warrants its workmanship. If the pack / module fails as a result of Spectrum Batteries workmanship, our liability is limited to repairing or replacing the failed pack / module.

Spectrum Batteries, Inc. does not accept returns for credit. We do not have a way to assess or measure remaining capacity of the pack / module.

Authorized return for evaluation of products to Spectrum Batteries is the responsibility of the customer. Returns must be packaged and shipped in accordance with shipping regulations outlined by various government bodies under UN3090 Class 9. Spectrum Batteries packaging is fully certified. We recommend customers use our packaging when returning product to our facility. The customer is responsible for certifying their employees as shippers.

NOTE: Customers transporting packs / modules from offices to job sites are required to do so in compliance with UN3091 Class 9 (batteries in tools) regulations.

Rev. March 14, 2007

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