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Business Wisdom from Jim Dutchak

We manufacture our batteries to the highest quality standards: Our own!

It's your friends that will keep you in business.
Customer: Your batteries are expensive!
Jim: No, No, Our batteries are priceless.

We don't just think globally, we ship there.

The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Studies show that the only time people remember who supplies their batteries is when they encounter a job failure.  Perhaps that is why we are not as well known as our competition.

Society expects a great deal from successful companies.  To win trust, we have to live up to people’s expectations.

We are the service company you can rely on.

You can’t make a good battery cheap or a cheap battery good!

As a Calgarian in Texas, I must agree if you want to buy fresh hay, it’s one price; if you want hay that has passed through a horse and especially through a bull, it’s a lot less.

We are striving to be the best for the best!

If you do not need us today, we will be here tomorrow!

On Home Businesses ....  
If  the White House is good enough for the President Of The United States to live in and work from; home business is good enough for Spectrum Batteries, its owners and its employees.

Spectrum Batteries, Inc.* 6910 Sprigg Rd. * Fulshear * TX * 77441

PH: 281.533.9596 TOLL FREE: 877.533.9596

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